The most comprehensive team leadership tool

Must have features

  • Longitudinal trends
  • Sector benchmarking
  • Archive of past dashboards
  • Anonymity assured
  • Interpretative slide pack reports generated from each pulse
  • Self administer simplicity & consistency
  • Help desk
  • Free trial & discounted pricing for multiple teams
  • Secure AWS server
  • ISO 27001 accreditation

Client & user support (optional extras)

  • DIY FIXIT toolkit incl. Click-WithTM
  • Access to team performance coach

Team Leadership

Leadership matters. Well equipped leaders can bring out the best in themselves, their teams, and their organisations. MyTeamPulseTM provides you with the insights and tools to become a high-performance team leader by identifying how to increase team engagement and amplify performance.

Team Values

MyTeamPulseTM checks in with team members about how well they believe the culture aligns with the organisation’s values. Understanding this and working towards alignment helps people build great working relationships and helps the organisation as a whole to achieve its core mission.

Team Culture

MyTeamPulseTM shows your team’s perception of your team culture – the unwritten rules, social behaviour, and customs of a team. It also helps understand if your team sees your organisation as siloed, people-focussed, or any of the array of positive or negative cultures common in teams.

Team Mojo

Mojo is about energy, lifestyle balance, resilience to get through the day and bounce back after setbacks. It is essential to an engaged and high-performing team. MyTeamPulseTM get a sense of the Mojo within your team and points to areas to improve Mojo.

Team Engagement

MyTeamPulseTM checks with your team members and lets you see how engaged they are now as well as showing trends over time. Engagement is affected by a number of factors, the most important being the style of the team leader (accounts for 70%). Amplifying your team members’ engagement provides the best ROI you can achieve in your organisation.

Team Effectiveness

MyTeamPulseTM checks with your team members to see how effective they believe your team is. Team Effectiveness is a measure of six important factors. MyTeamPulseTM shows you the No. 1 priority you need to address to improve your team effectiveness.

Team Productivity

Engagement drives productivity. By showing you what is important to your team, where their engagement is and where to focus, MyTeamPulseTM enables you to amplify productivity amongst your team. To calculate a conservative estimate of the potential gains, simply multiply your annual salary bill by 17%.

Team Promoters (NPS)

MyTeamPulseTM gives you a view of your team promoters – those would enthusiastically recommend your team for its employee experience. NPS is a measure of engagement and great leadership. MyTeamPulseTM will flag any issues and direct your team leaders to boost your NPS.

Financial Performance Impact

MyTeamPulseTM can provide a financial boost to your organisation. Engaged, productive, and aligned teams, combined with the potential decrease in both staff turnover and absenteeism provides financial gains for your organisation.

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