Driven by this passion to build high-performing and engaged teams our founder, Dr. Geoff Lorigan, invested his time to research and craft a team-engagement solution that is comprehensive, integrated, and most importantly, user-friendly. Years later, MyTeamPulse now works as a platform that enables leaders to listen to the true voice of their team members.

Throughout the years, top psychology and leadership experts from prominent universities in the UK and New Zealand have dedicated their time to test and improve MyTeamPulse.

Our Values

Feedback is the breakfast of Champions

MyTeamPulse provides each team member an opportunity to regularly share their views, experiences, and concerns around work. In doing so, it provides a framework and agenda for a team-owned discussion, which we believe is the key to improving and empowering employee experiences.

All members need to be rowing in the same direction to move forward

We believe that by providing team members the opportunity to voice their views empowers them to set the agenda for the team and take ownership in their team development process. This is essential in ensuring the team are working together, cohesively towards a common goal whilst understanding the importance, value & meaning of their contributions. The outcome are fully engaged employees that bring their full self to work, ultimately driving high-performance results for the organisation.

Building happy teams is not just for the big guys

We believe that our tools should be accessible to all, as every business – big and small – can benefit from a high performance culture. MyTeamPulse has already improved work experiences for a range of companies across different sectors and industries, from local start-ups to schools & universities to multi-national enterprises. We will continue to ensure our solutions are affordable and applicable for all.

Best practice is evidence based practice

Through our comprehensive suite of integrated tools, we encourage our clients to implement the same evidence-base and rigour to their people strategies that are applied to any other business unit.

Organisations benefiting from MyTeamPulseTM

MYTEAMPULSETM works with some of NZ’s most forward thinking and effective teams across a multitude of sectors. Our clients recognise the value of having an engaged team.

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