What is MyTeamPulseTM?

MyTeamPulseTM is a key tool developed for business owners and chief executives to build high performing teams throughout their organisation.

The tool was designed by leadership experts whom invested 20 years and over 100,000 hours, developing senior executives who lead engaged and empowered teams. We know what we are talking about.

Teams who score in the top 20% in engagement realise a 41% reduction in absenteeism and 59% less turnover.

How to drive performance

Put simply, effective team leaders create an empowering team culture that…

  • Engages team members
  • Amplifies team members’ Mojo
  • Increases productivity
  • Improves talent retention
  • Lifts employer brand
  • Escalates financial performance.

We know what to measure

We provide insightful interpretations

We advise how to amplify performance

We work holistically with the whole of the organisation

Engagement – the key performance driver

The level of engagement within your organisation is the foundation on which performance is built.

The benefits of high engagement

Fully engaged teams perform significantly better than less engaged teams.

In addition, teams that are highly engaged have cultures that are safe and empowering, which is reflected in increased wellness and wellbeing.


Lower absenteeism


Lower staff turnover


Higher productivity


Better performance

Productivity Calculator

Your organisation could save as much as
$x00,000 per year
with a fully engaged and productive team. Get in touch with the team to find out more.
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Team Engagement

Team Mojo

Team Effectiveness

Team Members’ Productivity

Team Leadership

Team Culture

Team Safety Risk Pilots

Team Values

Team Promoters (NPS)

Financial Performace Impact


Comprehensive team diagnostics

The tool contains a comprehensive suite of team diagnostics that enable you and your team leaders to understand where your team is not aligned and where focus needs to be applied.

MTP showed me where I needed to step up as a leader and what areas I wasn’t effectively communicating. Within the first three months our team engagement increased 40% and productivity increased 22%.


MyTeamPulse has put leadership on our monthly management agenda and enables us to monitor the engagement, productivity and wellbeing of all our teams and all employees. It seamlessly links our leadership development and our key focus areas together in a way no other offering does.


Organisations benefiting from MyTeamPulseTM

MYTEAMPULSETM works with some of NZ’s most forward thinking and effective teams across a multitude of sectors. Our clients recognise the value of having an engaged team.

Try the pulse with your senior leadership team before committing

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